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High Powered Rocketry

Information Included - How To Build Your LEVEL 3 Rocket - Lots of Videos and “How-To” Info:
The plans included within this website are by no means the only way to build a high powered rocket. This is my way and the purpose is to give you a general “guide”. You decide for yourself how to best build your rocket. I hope what is included within these pages will help you achieve your goals in this fun hobby.

See You at LDRS 34, in Potter, NY

The FLEET is getting bigger for LDRS 34. Besides the 20 ft DINOSAURS ROCK-et EXTREME you can expect to see the following there as well. Next week the SATURN V will be posted.
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My extended version of the NIKE SMOKE - 16-ft launching on a CTI M3100
CLICK HERE to view actual flight

Photos by Dan Michael

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You’ll know I’m at your launch when you see my familiar T-REX Skull on top of my truck.
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